Compare 3G Vs 4G in India – What is It, Difference & More Detail Inside

The terms 3G and 4G are a lot of talked concerning, however not many truly perceive what they really mean, apart from the very fact that 4G is healthier and quicker than 3G and may be an additional advanced technology. Well, that’s true, however that doesn’t essentially mean that you simply ought to exchange your 3G arrange for 4G promptly, once it becomes on the market in your space. It’s a bit additional difficult than that. Here, we have a tendency to try and settle the 3G vs 4G comparison  once and for all and tell you if it is smart to alter to 4G or not.

Compare-4G Vs 3G

What will “G” in 3G and 4G stand for?

Let us 1st perceive what “G” in 3G and 4G stands for. G stands for a generation in mobile technology. The primary generation of mobile technology comprised of analog cell phones and was referred to as 1G, the second generation belonged to the primary digital phones and referred to as 2G. This generation is 3G and also the latest is 4G. With each new generation, you heal technology, additional network capability and presumably higher voice quality. Each amendment in “G’ needs you to alter your phone or switch to a unique cellular network – therefore associate upgrade isn’t as straightforward as you’d assume.

What’s 3G…

3G stands for third-generation mobile networks that provide you with net speeds from 400Kbps to around ten times that. 3G was 1st introduced within the U.S.A. in 2003, and since then has been the leading mobile technology, employed in a majority of smartphones everywhere the globe. In fact, it’s the 3G technology that created the iPhone and humanoid attainable – while not 3G, we have a tendency to wouldn’t have smartphones.

What’s 4G…

What is 4g?4G phones area unit the quickest out there.

However 4G technology isn’t constant all over. There are completely different variations of 4G technology like HSPA+, WiMAX (which is obsolete), and also the better of the heap, LTE.

we have a tendency to discuss LTE in brief as a result of it’s expected to be the quality for 4G everywhere the globe.


4G LTE is far quicker than alternative variations of 4G like HSPA once it involves transfer speeds. You’ll transfer a vast quantity of information – photos, videos, etc. – in little or no time victimization LTE. LTE speeds don’t seem to be constant with all carriers, some are abundant quicker than others. Carriers that have additional radio-frequency spectrum on the market area unit quicker than those with less of constant.

Compare 4G vs 4G lte

3G or 4G – Why choose 4G?

Obviously, the largest reason to travel for 4G is speed. In fact, within the US, Europe and Asian countries like Asian nation and Japan, the majority have already switched to 4G. Most mobile carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T so on provide a nationwide 4G coverage.

What is Best in 3G and 4G

4G makes surf riding the net and streaming videos very quick. There’s no postponement whatever, and no buffering.

3G or 4G – Why persist with 3G?

However, there are a couple of reasons why you will need to stay to 3G. You ought to persist with 3G if you utilize your phone largely to form calls, for texting or lightweight browsing. If you’re not within the habit of streaming videos on your phone or don’t use the net heavily, you’re at an advantage projected to 3G for currently.

This way you may economize as you won’t have to be compelled to upgrade to a dearer phone or to a costlier arrange. And you may save on the battery life further. Also, not all areas have 4G coverage, therefore there’s no purpose is shopping for a 4G phone if that’s the case with wherever you reside. And if you’re shopping for a phone on a contract, you may save plenty of cash by subsiding for 3G.

Should You Even think about 3G?

There are some reasons you may still accept a 3G phone.

If your phone is generally for voice use, you’ve got no want for 4G knowledge. Save cash and save battery life by selecting a tool while not the high-speed network.

why more uses 3g then 4g

If you reside in a section that does not have 4G coverage, there isn’t any advantage to a 4G phone. In fact, you’ll need serious battery life issues if you get associate degree LTE phone and do not disable 4G LTE, because the radios seek for a non-existent signal will drain your battery quickly.

If you are strapped for money and shopping for a phone off contract, you will ought to accept 3G to save lots of cash. In this case, ensure to induce the quickest 3G phone doable. On Verizon and Sprint, you wish to ascertain that it supports “EVDO Rev A.” On T-Mobile and AT&T, you wish the best category of HSPA+ possible: if not 42 or 21, then 14.4.

So, whether or not you select 3G or 4G may be an alternative left to you. Hope this settles THE 3G vs 4G debate!

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